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LA: [Spanish] article – translates to “the”

MON•ARCH: noun – A migratory butterfly, characterized by its deep orange wings with black and white markings


The Monarch butterfly travels each year between Canada and Mexico. Its ability to adapt and travel resembles my own life experience, having spent time living between both countries from a very young age. Travel has also been an essential part of my life and a key factor to my attention to detail and creative nature. 

My commitment at LA MONARCH is not only to dress you nicely, but to also build a community and contribute to a better life for all.

 - Ana G.

Curated online boutique

You will find a curated multi-brand selection. Quality and timeless pieces with unique details at a reasonable price point. The boutique reflects my own style and lifestyle - from clothing to perfumes and accessories - easy styles that can be dressed up or down and will stay relevant for many seasons. 

All the brands are either woman-owned, eco-friendly, socially responsible, or manufacture in small batches (or all of the above!)

La Monarch Collection is our luxury offering - we design and release new items sporadically! 


How we create - La Monarch Collection

Each La Monarch piece is carefully designed for you! We keep in mind that life gets busy, and a quick outfit change between work, a walk in the park and a night-out is the last thing you need to worry about, this is why our styles are created to be worn in different ways for multiple outfit results - easily button or unbutton side seams, reveal hidden pleats, or use a blouse back to front, create a new look by wearing any outfit with heels or runners - All our styles look great either dressed up or down! - Browse through our product pages, to see how each style can be easily transformed.

Fit and finishing details are also what make La Monarch unique - Ana spends a lot of time ensuring each style fits the way it is envisioned, we do around 2 - 3 fit sessions per style, and another final fit right before production. (don’t worry, all samples are put to good use, read below!*)

Our structure is divided between Canada and Mexico, it was important for Ana to involve and give back to both countries: Our production team is in Mexico, the creative and sales team in Canada. Ana lives between both countries and is involved throughout every process.


Buy now - Keep forever

We make sure each piece is versatile for your lifestyle and relatable to the current trends, yet timeless. So you can keep your La Monarch pieces in your closet for many years to come!

Sustainability at LM

We are aware of the social and environmental impact caused by the fashion industry. As a result, our collections are kept small with low stock quantities. Fabrics are sourced from over-stock or in-stock materials at mills, and the entire line is made in Mexico at a family-owned factory with established workshops close to where their employees live. This means less commuting time and less environmental impact.

Additionally, our packaging is compostable - the hangtags, tissue paper, sticker and re-usable mailers are plant based (please dispose them as organic waste!)

We also work closely with a sustainability specialist who makes sure we take the best approach, within our means, to be as eco-friendly as possible. Check our instagram for frequent sustainability tips or activities from our specialist!

It's not just about us  

We love to give back to the women in our community. At La Monarch, *fit samples are NOT discarded, sold or kept to collect dust, they are donated to Dress For Success, an international non-profit organization which provides network support, attire and tools to help women in need thrive in work and life.  (Ana has been involved at DFS as a Styling Volunteer for many years!)

About Ana

Hola! I am Ana G. – Founder and creator of La Monarch. 

I've been studying and working in the fashion industry for over 15 years.

Started my education in Fashion Design near Vancouver, B.C. 

After graduating, I moved to Mexico (again!) and started developing collections for several brands from around the world (United Colors of Benetton, La Perla, and Cintas). I was surrounded by wonderful people from the industry who helped me improve my skills.

A few years later, I followed my life-long dream - Go to fashion school in Milan, Italy.- There I obtained a Masters in Fashion 
Communication and PR from the Istituto Europeo di Design. Upon finishing my course I started working at Ports 1961 in their Milan HQ, developing the womenswear collections. I quickly embraced a unique sense of attention to detail, fitting clothes, professionalism and a front row seat at experiencing how an international fashion brand operates.

Since then, I’ve also done retail and operations management, taught several fashion courses and made great friends within the fashion world.

During this time I always knew my calling was to create a brand, that reflects my attention to detail and fit but also adapts to our current day to day lifestyle. My goal is not only to select or design beautiful clothes but to make my customers happy knowing they can wear these pieces for many years to come!   

- Welcome to LA MONARCH!

Ana Gutierrez,
Founder & Creative Director, La Monarch